About Us

Music is all around us. We start our day with a coffee and play our favorite song. We commute and listen to music while at work. We workout and chill with music. The list is long. And most of the time, we do it through playlists. Playlists are dead simple. They allow us to save what resonates with us. They allow us to share it with others. They turn us into curators. At MagicPlaylist, we love playlists so much that over the past 5 years we have helped to create 4.6 million playlists for thousands of listeners.

But the world has changed. Over 100k new songs are released every day and millions of playlists are crafted and yet, we only get access to the top 1%. Existing streaming services can’t provide unbiased ways of searching for this content. We rarely see anything outside our areas of interest and get locked into “filter bubbles”. The result is millions of talented artists lurking in the shadows whereas popular creators are further amplified. Today, content curation is as important as content creation.

We believe existing music recommendation and discovery engines are fundamentally flawed. They fail to connect with listeners at a deeper level. And we want to change that. That’s why we are building a new MagicPlaylist.

We want to empower the long tail of creators and curators, to connect with listeners and fans on a deeper level. Enable artists to express themselves in entirely new ways. Enable curators to amplify their reach and relevance. Help them build strong relationships with their audience.

We are building a new MagicPlaylist with music fans, curators, and artists. Together.

We welcome anyone interested in collectively building the future of music curation, whether you are a creator, curator, or artist. Join our community in Discord if you believe what we believe and want to help us build the next listening experience.

The MP team.